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DVI to VGA Analog Video Cable

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DVI to VGA Analog Video Cable

Nothing connects VGA and DVI easier than the DataPro DVI-A to VGA cable. This male-male cable connects an analog DVI source to a VGA monitor, or vice-versa, for maximum quality and fidelity. No need for bulky gender changers when you can connect your monitor and computer together directly!  

1145-03C   DVI to VGA Analog Video Cable   3 ft $ 23.95   41 in stock   Add to Cart
1145-06C   DVI to VGA Analog Video Cable   6 ft $ 34.95   70 in stock   Add to Cart
1145-10C   DVI to VGA Analog Video Cable   10 ft $ 36.95   200 in stock   Add to Cart
1145-15C   DVI to VGA Analog Video Cable   15 ft $ 39.00   21 in stock   Add to Cart
1145-50C   DVI to VGA Analog Video Cable   50 ft $ 47.00   50 in stock   Add to Cart

Q: Will this allow me to connect my computer with VGA output to a DVI-D monitor?
A: Unfortunately, conversion from VGA to DVI-D can not be done with a passive cable. For that you will need our part MDV-200.

The 1145 series DVI video cable is a VGA to DVI cable with male connectors on each end. Its most common use is to attach a DVI-I video card to a VGA monitor.

This cable functions equally well as a VGA to DVI cable, in fact it's an entirely passive assembly and device-independent. However, it's important to note that if anything in your configuration is DVI-D, HDMI, or DisplayPort, this cable will not be of use.

This is not a digital-to-analog cable. It will carry a DVI-A or the analog portion of a DVI-I signal to a VGA port. It will not convert a DVI-D digital signal to analog.

The first connector is of type DVI-A Analog, and the other connector is a standard 15-pin VGA/SVGA male. We also carry a DVI to VGA Adaptor, if you already have a DVI or VGA cable.

Please note that some DataPro products, while listed in feet for consistency, are built in meter increments. As such, the actual length of the cable may vary slightly. See product drawing for tolerances.

For help finding the right DVI cable, see our DVI Info and FAQ page.

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