Media Panel for Projectors with HDMI or VGA

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Media Panel for Projectors with HDMI or VGA

Due to popular demand, our Media Panel is now available in a projector-friendly configuration!  

79MPP-HDMI   Media Panel for HDMI Projector   EACH $ 64.95   1 in stock   Add to Cart
79MPP-VGA   Media Panel for VGA Projectors   EACH $ 59.90   1 in stock   Add to Cart

Connecting a projector or similar device, and need a quick and easy one-piece solution? DataPro's Media Panel for Projectors includes all pictured connectors, and comes in one of two flavors - HDMI or VGA.

Back side of 79MPP-VGA


  • Includes all pictured connectors
  • USB
  • 3.5mm Audio
  • Composite (video+audio) RCA


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