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Industrial 4x4 Square Plate with Grommet Hole

> 4x4 Industrial Wall Plates
Industrial 4x4 Square Plate with Grommet Hole

740100G   Faceplate 4x4 Inch 1.00 In Cut   GREY $ 9.95   5 in stock   Add to Cart
740150G   Faceplate 4x4 Inch 1.50 In Cut   GREY $ 9.95   15 in stock   Add to Cart

Technical documents are available upon request for authorized usage.

Please contact us by email if you require drawings or 3D models to integrate this product into your project.

The 7401 series of wall plates are simple wiring solutions that let you route your connections with minimal installation. They feature a circular cut hole in the middle and a protective rubber grommet. This is an ideal solution for cleaning up wiring holes when panel-mounting terminals is impractical or impossible.

We carry these plates with both a 1-inch and 1.5-inch hole, to suit your needs.

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