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Panel-Mount Micro USB-B Cables

DataPro Product Catalog > Panel-Mount Cables > USB Panel-Mount Cables > Panel-Mount Micro USB-B Cables

1550 Panel Mount USB 2.0 Micro-B to 5-pin Header Cable
Starting at
This panel-mount USB 2.0 Micro B cable terminates in a polarized 5-pin header connector.

1584 USB Micro-B Panel Mount Extension Cable M-F
Starting at
Install a female USB Micro-B port anywhere with this handy panel-mount extension cable.

1584W IP67 Waterproof Panel-Mount USB Micro-B 2.0 Male-Female Extension Cable
 This waterproof and dustproof USB Micro-B extension cable features a panel-mount IP6 rated female Micro-B connector on one end, and a male Micro-B connector on the other.

1586 Panel Mount USB-B to Mini-B Extension
Starting at
Add a Mini-B powered USB-B port to a panel, plate, or bulkhead.

CCP-USBB USB Micro-B to A Panel Mount Coupler F-F
Starting at
Install a USB Micro-B or USB A port on any bulkhead with this handy coupler.