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AztecMonster II SCSI to SATA Adapter

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AztecMonster II SCSI to SATA Adapter
The AztecMonster II SCSI to SATA Adapter will adapt a modern SATA hard drive or SSD to any computer with a 50-pin (SCSI-1 or SCSI-2) connector. It can also be adapted to 68-pin SCSI-3.  

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The AztecMonster II connects to an internal 50-pin SCSI ribbon cable, and provides a SATA drive interface for a solid state drive or large hard drive. This is the perfect solution for putting an SSD into a 68K or PowerPC Macintosh, or any other computer with a 50-pin SCSI bus (can also be adapted to 68-pin).

For best compatibility with older operating systems and SCSI controllers, a 128GB drive or smaller is recommended. Some versions of Macintosh System 7 may require dividing the drive into 2GB partitions, but System 7.5.3 and any later edition of Mac OS can utilize the entire drive as a single partition if desired.


  • Adapts a SATA hard drive to work with a 50-pin SCSI interface
  • Can be passively adapted to 68-pin SCSI
  • Better speed and reliability than flash card solutions
  • No drivers required: device behaves as a standard SCSI drive
  • Powered by standard 4-pin molex
  • Configurable SCSI ID with included jumpers
  • Can also terminate the SCSI bus when term jumper is set

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