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DVI-A to DVI-A Analog/Analog

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DVI-A to DVI-A Analog/Analog
Keep your analog hardware in service while making the move to the DVI standard with DataPro's analog-compatible DVI cables. Made from the same high-quality coax wire as our VGA and digital DVI cables, our 1146 DVI-A cables guarantee a premium signal with minimal loss and interference.  

1146-10C   DVI-A to DVI-A Analog/Analog
Special order - not normally stocked.
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1146-15C   DVI-A to DVI-A Analog/Analog
Special order - not normally stocked.
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The 1146 series DVI video cable is a analog DVI-A to DVI-A video connection cable. Although the signal is of an analog nature, the DVI connectors provide the maximum quality available on a non-digital picture.

This cable can be used to carry an analog signal from a compliant video card output to an analog compatible LCD monitor. The connections that work with this cable are DVI-A and DVI-I.

This cable can not be used to carry a signal from a DVI-A to DVI-D, or vice versa.

Both connectors are of type DVI-A. We also stock DVI-D cables and DVI-I cables.

If you're looking for a VGA-compatible cable, see our DVI to VGA cable.

For help finding the right DVI cable, see our DVI Info and FAQ page.

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RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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