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DVI Female to VGA Male Adaptor

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DVI Female to VGA Male Adaptor
Change your DVI cable to VGA with our inline DVI-to-VGA adapter. With a standard 15-pin male VGA plug that connects to a computer or HDTV, and a female DVI connector that connects to a DVI cable, this adaptor is a simple and effective bridge for mismatched video connectors.  

1145-B   DVI to VGA Video Adaptor F/M   F::M $ 9.95   40 in stock   Add to Cart

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The 1145-B series DVI video adaptor is a DVI-I Dual Analog to VGA/SVGA video signal converter. It features a male VGA plug and a female DVI-I jack for using DVI-I or DVI-A monitors on regular VGA video cards.

This will not display a video signal on a DVI-D (Digital Only) monitor, even though the plugs fit correctly.

The first connector is a standard 15-pin VGA/SVGA male. The other connector is a DVI-I Digital Video female.

For the reverse situation, using a VGA-Monitor in the DVI port of a video card, see our DVI male to VGA female adaptor.

We also stock this adaptor with a connector of type DVI-A. If you require this type, please specify with your order.

For help finding the right DVI cable, see our DVI Info and FAQ page.

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