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IBM-PC Keyboard Cable KB5 M/M

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IBM-PC Keyboard Cable KB5 M/M

1134-06C   IBM-PC Keyboard Cable KB5 M/M   6 ft $ 9.95   4 in stock   Add to Cart
1134-10C   IBM-PC Keyboard Cable KB5 M/M   10 ft $ 13.95   20 in stock   Add to Cart

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The DataPro 1134 series cable is a straight-through 5-pin DIN cable, ideal for MIDI interface devices or to connect a keyboard or computer keyboard port to a data switch. What?!

You see, back in the 1980's, PC-based computers used a 5-pin DIN connector for their keyboards, which preceded the 6-pin Mini-DIN connector (PS2) in the 1990's, USB in the 2000's, and wireless in the 2010's. In the event that a user had a KVM switch or manual rotary switch to share multiple keyboards or computers, a cable like this would be used to patch the devices to the switch.

However, it's highly unlikely that anybody today (time travelers excluded) would actually have or need such a thing, so now this cable is generally just sold as a basic MIDI cable for musical electronics that happen to utilize the same 5-pin DIN connector.

We also do carry the successor to this product, a PS2 male-male cable, in case that's what you're looking for.

We also build this cable in any length you require. We are comfortable building this cable as long as 50 feet with no signal loss, however signal strength and fidelity can vary widely depending on the quality of your equipment and the operating environment.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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