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PS2 Splicer/Coupler MD06FF

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PS2 Splicer/Coupler MD06FF
Couple two PS2 cables together in a snap with our PS2 splicer. This small adaptor features two female MD06 jacks, perfect for splicing a keyboard or mouse to an extension cable.  

1139-FF   PS2 Splicer/Coupler MD06FF   EACH $ 5.95   42 in stock   Add to Cart

With a PS2 splicer like DataPro's 1139-FF, you can quickly convert a male-to-male PS2 cable into an extension cable, or combine the ends of two male/male cables to create a single longer cable.

If you don't have any PS2 male-to-male cables and need an extension, we strongly recommend the use of a PS2 extension cable rather than a splicer, for improved signal quality.

However, if you've already got two male PS2 connectors and need to get them together, this PS2 splice coupler is the way to do it.

The connections are 6-pin Mini-Din, female on both sides (MD06F). The wiring configuration is always straight-thru (1 to 1 etc.).

We can also build this as a female-to-female PS2 cable in any length you require.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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