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PS2 'Y' Splitter Adaptor M-F-F

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PS2 'Y' Splitter Adaptor M-F-F
Does your laptop have only one PS2 port, but is labeled for both keyboards and mice? Use both a PS2 mouse and keyboard on your laptop with DataPro's Y-splitter cable. Designed specifically for laptops with one PS2 port, this convenient Y-cable provides two female PS2 ports for any standard keyboard and mouse.  

1139-Y   PS2 Laptop Y Splitter Adaptor   7IN $ 9.95   34 in stock   Add to Cart

DataPro's 1139-Y splitter cable for PS2 devices is specially-designed for laptops with merged PS2 ports, and forks out to two female PS2 jacks labeled "K" and M, for Keyboard and Mouse.

This PS2 Y-cable is designed exclusively for this use, and will not work with two keyboards or two mice. It will likely not work on a regular PS2 port either, unless the port is designed to accept both mice and keyboards.

All the connectors are 6-pin Mini-Din, or MD06. The main end is male, for plugging into the computer, and the receiving ends are female, to mate properly with the built-in cables on keyboards and mice.

Drawings & Models:

1139-YPDF Drawing (PDF) 

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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  • Connect both a PS2 mouse and keyboard to one PS2 port on your laptop


  • 2x Female PS2 connector
  • 1x Male PS2 connector
  • Nickel-plated shell, gold-plated contacts
  • Plastic overmold with strain relief

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