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PS2 'Y' Splitter Adaptor M-F-F

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PS2 'Y' Splitter Adaptor M-F-F
Does your laptop have only one PS2 port, but is labeled for both keyboards and mice? Use both a PS2 mouse and keyboard on your laptop with DataPro's Y-splitter cable. Designed specifically for laptops with one PS2 port, this convenient Y-cable provides two female PS2 ports for any standard keyboard and mouse.  

1139-Y   PS2 Laptop Y Splitter Adaptor   7IN $ 9.95   172 in stock   Add to Cart

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Here's something wacky: before USB was used for every possible thing under the sun, there was an interface called PS2 that was responsible for keyboards and mice.

Here's something even wackier: even though the signal types for PS2 mice and keyboards were different and most computers had separately-labeled ports, some laptops were made with a single merged PS2 port designed for one or both!

But how could you use both, if the laptop only had one PS2 port? With the wackiest part of all, DataPro's 1139-Y splitter cable for PS2 devices. It's specially-designed for laptops with merged PS2 ports, and forks out to two female PS2 jacks labeled "K" and "M". One of them is for keyboard and one of them is for mouse, but I won't tell you which is which.

This PS2 Y-cable is designed exclusively for this use, and will not work with two keyboards or two mice. It probably will not work on a regular PS2 port either, unless the port is designed to accept both mice and keyboards.

All the connectors are 6-pin Mini-Din, or MD06. The main end is male, for plugging into the computer, and the receiving ends are female, to mate properly with the built-in cables on keyboards and mice.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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