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RS232 Null Modem Cable 9 & 25

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RS232 Null Modem Cable 9 & 25

4003-06C   RS232 Null Modem Cable 9 & 25   6 ft $ 23.95   26 in stock   Add to Cart
4003-10C   RS232 Null Modem Cable 9 & 25
Not stocked. Special order only.
  10 ft $ 27.95 Call for ETA   Backorder
4003-00C   RS232 Null Modem Cable 9 & 25
Custom build at $40.00 + $0.50 per foot.
Some custom products may not be REACH compliant.
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The DataPro 4003 series cable is a full-featured RS232 serial null-modem cable, designed for asynchronous RS232 file and data transfer between any two RS232 serial type devices, regardless of the type of COM port (9 or 25 pin).

Each end of the cable has both a DB09F (socket) connector and a DB25F (socket) connector in a dual-head configuration.

This cable is fully wired for RS232 asynchronous use, supporting both hardware and software handshaking.

All the following protocols are supported:


The dual head design accommodates either size COM port (9 or 25 pin) on each end of the cable.

Custom lengths are available.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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