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Wall Plate Caddy Fastener

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Wall Plate Caddy Fastener
For secure mounting in an insecure material, a caddy fastener is the way to go! Install wall plates in drywall, textured surfaces, plaster walls, drop-ceilings, and other places without rigid support by using this simple solution!  

80-6199   Caddy Fastener for Faceplate   EACH $ 4.00   150 in stock   Add to Cart

For situations where you want to mount your US single-gang wall plates into a surface that lacks the structural support for direct drilling, the DataPro 80-6199 Caddy Fastener is the product for you!

Constructed of a sturdy, pliable metal, these caddy fasteners have two large tabs that fold behind the fastener and affix it securely to any wall or similar surface. On the face of the caddy fastener, there are screw holes to accommodate any standard US single gang wall plate. The threading on these caddy fasteners matches the thread of the screws that we include with each of our US single-gang plate products.

DataPro is pleased to offer the widest selection available of stock and custom-built wall plates for use with our 80-6199 Caddy Fasteners. Please note that these caddy fasteners are built to accommodate standard US single gang plates only. These will NOT fit our 76000-1W EU/UK single-gang plates.

Need more clearance? Try one of our single-gang surface mount boxes for additional room for connectors behind your single gang plate.

For information about selecting, installing, and using wall plates in your applications, see our Guide to Face Plates.

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