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BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284AB

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BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284AB

1284AB-06C   BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284AB   6 ft $ 17.95   5 in stock   Add to Cart
1284AB-10C   BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284AB   10 ft $ 23.95   8 in stock   Add to Cart
1284AB-15C   BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284AB   15 ft $ 29.95   8 in stock   Add to Cart
1284AB-25C   BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284AB   25 ft $ 45.00   9 in stock   Add to Cart

The DataPro 1284AB series Parallel Printer Cable for legacy printers is a high-quality imported molded cable that uses the 1284 (aka 'parallel') standard.

The computer side has a DB25M connector; the printer side has a Centronics (Amphenol) type 36 pin male connector with wire bale clips. The DB25 end has slotted thumbscrews.

For printers that have a smaller centronics jack, such as many HP LaserJet printers, you will need to use a mini-centronics parallel printer cable instead.

This cable should be used wherever IEEE-1284 high-speed BiDirectional parallel data transfer is specified. This type of transfer was the standard printer connection in non-Macintosh computers through the early 2000's, when USB overtook the serial and parallel interfaces.

We can also build this cable in any length you need.

REACH Compliant

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