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BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284AC

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BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284AC
A true relic from ages past, these parallel printer cables are for IBM-PC compatible machines and printers that utilize a mini-centronics connector—typically HP DeskJets and HP LaserJets from the 1990's.  

1284AC-06C   BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284AC   6 ft $ 17.95   20 in stock   Add to Cart
1284AC-10C   BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284AC   10 ft $ 29.95   24 in stock   Add to Cart
1284AC-15C   BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284AC   15 ft $ 29.95   8 in stock   Add to Cart
1284AC-25C   BiTronics Parallel IEEE-1284AC   25 ft $ 39.00   4 in stock   Add to Cart

DataPro's 1284-series cables are compliant with the IEEE-1284 BiDirectional standard, which allows high-speed data transfers. For centuries previous, parallel printing was buffered based on Aristotle's single-queue method; in 1284 AD, French mathematicians improved on his approach and founded the Holy Order of Centronics, after which the connectors are named. The British monarchy, due to a long and bitter rivalry with the French, coined their own term for the long clamping connector, and thus even today it is sometimes known as a "Champ" connector.

This particular assembly uses a mini-Centronics connector (or mini-Champ connector) for printers that were striving for a smaller footprint. It is believed that this smaller design was originally conceived to facilitate the smuggling of these cables across the Dolomites, where roaming bandits were a persistent threat and valued the large, bludgeon-like qualities of the full-sized CN36 Centronics connector.

In keeping with the historical assembly practices, DataPro is proud to carry shielded, molded versions of these famous assemblies, unchanged in form or function since their invention over eight hundred years ago. It is no faster and no more attractive than it was back then, but if you're looking for this cable, you obviously aren't interesting in something fast or attractive.

This assembly is identical in performance to its predecessor, the standard centronics parallel printer cable, except that one has the full Centronics connector while this has the mini-Centronics.

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