DVI-D Dual Link Extension Cable

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DVI-D Dual Link Extension Cable
Display your video wherever you need it with DataPro's premium DVI-D extension cables. Built with top-grade shielded wire for ultimate fidelity, our cables can carry all-digital DVI signals more than double the specification maximum!  

1149-03C   DVI-D Dual-Link Extension M/F   3 ft $ 27.00   331 in stock   Add to Cart
1149-06C   DVI-D Dual-Link Extension M/F   6 ft $ 29.95   221 in stock   Add to Cart
1149-10C   DVI-D Dual-Link Extension M/F   10 ft $ 35.00   18 in stock   Add to Cart
1149-15C   DVI-D Dual-Link Extension M/F   15 ft $ 45.00   420 in stock   Add to Cart

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DataPro's DVI Video Extension Cable is used to increase the length of a DVI-D cable to complete the connection. It is fully wired for Dual-Link signals, although it will readily extend Single-Link cables as well.

The dual-link bandwith ensures maximum quality while extending the signal to reach those extra lengths. Keep in mind, however, that the Digital Video Interface specification does not guarantee DVI signals to work beyond 16 feet (although maximum length depends on the devices in use). We often get 30-35 feet with our in-house tests, but equipment quality and environment can dramatically affect the image. If you are extending beyond 16 feet from source to display, your results may vary.

For optimal image fidelity at longer lengths, you may also use a powered DVI inline booster to clean and amplify the signal during the run.

Both connectors are of type Dual-Link DVI-D. This cable will extend a signal that is being adapted from HDMI or DisplayPort, but it will not extend a signal that is being adapted to/from VGA.

For help finding the right DVI cable, see our DVI Info and FAQ page.

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