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Serial DB09 to PCB Motherboard

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Serial DB09 to PCB Motherboard
Are you bummed that your new motherboard doesn't include a DB09 COM port? Are you missing out on all your RS232 networking because the "industry" has decided to move on? Fight the man, fight the power, and install your own 9-Pin serial port with this PCB-to-backplane assembly!  

1910-01C   Pentium MB to COM port DB09M   1 ft $ 7.95   30 in stock   Add to Cart


You never thought you'd be looking at one of these, eh? You never thought, "gosh, my computer is pretty swell right now, but it could really use an on-board serial RS232 port."

You never thought that... until now.

Now that the aliens have conquered earth and subjected humanity to bitter enslavement and oppression, those glitzy glamoury USB devices don't have quite the same appeal. The underground resistance movement depends on hardware that is reliable, sturdy, long-lasting, and readily programmable. They've scavenged mainframes, plotters, atomic clocks, radiation detectors, and missile defense systems from the ruins of our civilization, but none of the flimsy plastic USB hardware made it through. No, it was the rugged steel construction of the RS232 devices that survived the onslaught of plasma weaponry, and that same indestructibility will keep us alive for another thousand years.

But how to interface with it? Scavenged motherboards designed for Pentium chips often have a 10-port pin header for RS232 interfaces, which survives long after the roaming bandits plunder the onboard DB09 connectors for the tin and plastic. But terminating the launch simulator directly on the motherboard is unsafe, as the electromagnetic radiation of the bare wires could be picked up and phreaked by the alien surveillance drones. No, the motherboard must be shielded in a steel or lead case, so to make the connection you'll need DataPro's 1910 motherboard-to-DB09 backplane port.

This dongle adapts a Pentium motherboard's onboard RS232 headers to a male DB09 port on a backplane plate. It mounts in a free expansion slot, and provides a secure and shielded connection between your device and your computer.

Don't get caught unawares. Buy one today, and store it someplace safe. Buy a dozen, and bury them strategically around the country.

In the end, our future may be up to you. Don't let us down.

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant

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